How to Choose a Good Plumber


Whenever you intend to spend your money in a plumber, the least you can do is to ensure that you get good value for your money. Here are a few ways that can help you to identify a qualified plumber.

Ask about License

In most countries it is a law that all practicing plumbers have licenses. If your plumber does not, then it is likely that they are not qualified. While you are inquiring about their licenses, you can also ask if any formal complaints have been filled against the said plumbers.

Find out about experience

Experience comes with practice and generally plumbers who have been practicing longer are likely to be better at what they do. Similarly, this also applies to companies, which have been in operation for many years.


Insurance comes in handy, especially, when an accident occurs while plumbing work is going on. The plumber should have a workman’s compensation insurance and not less than $500,000 worth of liability. This should be adequate to cover any party that is injured during plumbing work, unlike homeowners insurance that has partial protection.

Enquire about warranty

You will be safer if your plumber offers warranty for any work done since you can be compensated for work that isn’t properly done. Moreover, plumbers who offer warranty for parts are better since some plumbing parts may be procured when they are faulty. Warranties should generally last about a year.

Ask for references

If you can find a plumber who has done similar plumbing work in your area, then that is a good plumber. This is because you can inquire from previous customers about the quality of work they received.

Social skills

Plumber etiquette is quite important; the way they talk to you and how quickly they respond can tell you about the kind of work to expect from them. Go for friendly plumbers and those who will maintain a clean work environment as they work on your projects.

In addition to what a good plumber should have, there are 3 main qualification levels of plumbers.

  • An apprentice plumber

This kind of plumber is still not done with training. He is still going through studies and gets paid to do hands-on work. However, he has to work with a journeyman or a master plumber.

  • Journeyman plumber

Once an apprentice plumber has completed his studies and obtained a license from the state, he becomes a journeyman plumber. He is a qualified plumber, but most don’t own any plumbing business.

  • Master plumber

Once a journeyman plumber has worked for a number of years and more often than not, has completed his associate degree from a vocational school, he becomes a master plumber. He must also pass both written and hands on exams. Moreover, most states require their master plumbers’ to complete several hours of continuing education each year.

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